Seeking: Acquisitions Manager

I am seeking an Acquisition Manager for my real-estate investing company. Your position would primarily be talking to and meeting with people looking to sell their homes. Some other tasks would be:

  • taking pictures of subject properties
  • evaluating repairs
  • writing offers to sellers
  • evaluate deals
  • recruit bird dogs
  • network at REI groups
  • network with other investors who cannot sell their properties
  • continued education and refinement of the craft

I’m a big believer  that working together should be an obvious fit and our values should be aligned, so if the following doesn’t sound like you, no need to apply

  1. I’m a firm believer in creating perfect business systems, and then following them
  2. If someone doesn’t respond to me, I will follow-up as if my life depends on it
  3. My values are: being true to myself, having fun, being completely honest at the expense of confrontation/awkwardness, being true to my word so others will trust and rely on my work, and on obsession with getting better and improving every day.


– Must be local to the St. Louis market (and you will learn every inch of it, as far west as Frinklin county, north as St. Charles, south as JeffCo, and possibly into the metro east)
– Must be like-able by strangers (good at building rapport)
– Must be confident, but not overbearing
– Must be willing to learn and move fast
– Must be results driven
– Must have a wolf-like hunter mentality, but come across like a sheep during appointments
– Must have a desire to learn about real-estate investing
– Must be able to work autonomously

Knowledge of real estate, real estate investing, etc is NOT a requirement, but would be helpful.


Pay is 15% of spread on all deals. This will be a 6-figure position within a year if you follow the system (see #1 above)

Next Steps:

Below is a pre-application form for pre-screening.  You will need to do TWO things BEFORE filling it out.

  1. Please record a video (front facing camera on phone, webcam, etc are fine), under 5 minutes, explaining why you believe you would be an awesome acquisitions manager with Chosen Properties. You can put this on any hosting service you choose and include the link below. (One option is to upload to YouTube and mark the video as “unlisted”)
  2. Spend 10 minutes taking the FREE personality test at and include the results link in the form below (you will get the option to send yourself the link results in email at the end)

I will be in touch once I have had an opportunity to review the information you sent in.

Thanks so much for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you!

-Matt Bowler

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